Want Virtual Shadowing where you're more than just a shadow?

Enhance your clinical program application with a certificate detailing your virtual shadowing experiences.

vShadow® is an interactive patient simulation paired with walkthroughs from experienced clinicians.

vShadow - Engaging, Challenging, Approved

You are applying to schools and you need clinical shadowing experience. Enter vShadow. 

More than just following someone around, vShadow lets you take a patient history, perform physical exams, order tests, and consult the DxLibrary for advice. All along the way, you enter your potential diagnoses and what findings led you there. After you finish, you get a personalized walkthrough of the case comparing your patient workup with what the case author would have done based on their clinical experience, and you can replay the case to improve your performance.

With every case played, you gain experience in the thought processes behind clinical diagnosis and experience with dozens of real diseases to compare and contrast. vShadow is based on vCases, a professional patient simulation program used to train students in clinical diagnostic skills in schools across the U.S. and Canada.

Even if you have been lucky enough to shadow live clinicians, vShadow enhances that experience by enabling you to perform your own patient workup, gather findings in a thoughtful manner, and puts you in the driver's seat to make the diagnosis yourself.

Make Your Application Shine

Your application will stand out. With vCases, you'll demonstrate critical thinking & deep dedication to exploring clinical decision making. 


After every case, walk through each decision side-by-side with those of an expert; a unique opportunity to gain insight into how an experienced clinician approaches patient workups.

Used by MD, NP, & PA Programs

Make the most of every minute in a program that's been used in over 50 universities across North America to train clinicians-to-be.

Step Into the Role

Take on the responsibility of making the diagnosis with realistic, interactive virtual cases written by clinicians with decades of experience. 

What do I get with vShadow?

  • A unique, proven 30 hour program designed to provide clinical experience and develop your diagnostic skills.
  • 15 virtual cases covering a wide variety of physiological systems, complaints, and possible diagnoses.
  • Full access to DxLibrary of diagnostic information on diagnoses, symptoms, signs, exams and tests.
  • Individualized summary and feedback for each case, comparing your decisions with those of an experienced clinician.
  • Certificate summarizing your accomplishments for use in your clinical program applications.
  • Full access to your cases for one year, and 10 years access for your certificate.
  • Discounted access to new case sets in future years to develop your skills more fully.

vShadow pricing

We are now open for vShadow access for $399; sign up now to start your vShadow experience.

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